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Aleotti, Vittoria
Arcadelt, Jacques (Giaches)
Artusini, Antonio
Bellasio, Paolo
Bertani, Lelio
Boschetti, Giovanni Boschetto
Caletti, Giovanni Battista
Califano, Giovanni Battista
Capilupi, Gemignano
Casentini, Marsilio
Cavaccio, Giovanni
Cifra, Antonio
Costa, Gasparo
Croce, Giovanni
D'India, Sigismondo
Dalla Casa, Girolamo
Del Mel, Rinaldo
Dentice, Fabrizio
Falcone, Achille
Felis, Stefano
Florio, Giorgio
Freddi, Amadio
Gabrieli, Giovanni
Gagliano, Marco da
Gastoldi, Concenti musicali a8 (1604/1610) (complete)
Gastoldi, Giovanni Giacomo
Gastoldi, Quarto a 5 (1602) (complete)
Ghizzolo, Giovanni
Giovanelli, Ruggiero
Guami, Francesco
Guerini, Pietro Francesco
Ingegneri, MarcAntonio
Isnardi, Paolo
Leoni, Leone
Mancini, Curzio
Marenzio, Luca
Masnelli, Paolo
Massaino, Quarto a 5 (1594) (complete)
Massaino, Tiburzio
Mezzogorri, Giovanni Nicolò
Monteverdi, Claudio
Mosto, Giovanni Battista
Nasco, Giovan (Jan)
Nodari, Giovanni Paolo, Madrigali a 5 (complete)
Pallavicino, Benedetto
Rognoni Taeggio, Francesco, Primo a 5 (1613) (complete)
Rore, Cipriano (De)
Rossetti, Stefano
Rossi, Salamone
Ruffolo, Lucrezio
Sabino, Ippolito
Santini, Marsilio
Stabile, Annibale
Taroni, Antonio
Tomasi, Biagio
Tresti, Flaminio
Usper (Spongia), Francesco
Various (from Dolci Affetti, 1582)
Various (from Trionfo di Musica, 1579)
Vecchi, Orazio
Verdonck, Cornelius
Virchi, Paolo, Primo a 5 (1584) (complete)
Virchi, Paolo, Secondo a 5 (1588) (complete)
Wert, Decimo a 5 (1591) (complete)
Wert, Giaches de
Wert, Ottavo a 5 (1586) (complete)
Zanchi, Liberale
Zanotti, Camillo
Zoilo, Annibale

Gabrieli, Giovanni

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Title and DescriptionScoreMidiTranslation
Da quei begl'occhi (SSATB)
One of several madrigals that Giovanni Gabrieli appended to his uncle Andrea's posthumous Terzo libro di madrigali a 5 (1589)
Dimmi ben mio (SSATB)
One of several madrigals that Giovanni Gabrieli appended to his uncle Andrea's posthumous Terzo libro di madrigali a 5 (1589)
Donna leggiadra e bella (SMATB)
A graceful and lively madrigal (like the woman who is the subject of the text), from the anthology De’ floridi virtuosi d’Italia ... libro primo (1583)
O ricco mio tesoro (SS A/T TB)
Another madrigal anthologized in De' floridi virtuosi d'Italia
Lieto godea sedendo (SATB SATB)
Probably Giovanni’s best-known madrigal. This sonorous behemoth bears the indication “Per cantar e sonar” in the original, and affords a splendid bash with massed voices and instruments, although the musical effect is oddly at variance with the melancholy theme of the text.
Vagh' amorosi e fortunati allori (SSATB)
A charming bit of pastoral fluff. The composer seems to have availed himself of every possible opportunity to ornament the text.
Queste felici erbette (SATTB)
An interesting “serious” madrigal, on a somewhat convoluted text in which the protagonist complains that his lady-love metes out kinder treatment to her garden than to him. The downward leap of a seventh in the Quinto, measure 7, is unusual but evidently intentional.
Dolce nemica mia (SAT ATTB)
An "amorous dialog" for two choirs, which Giovanni included in the epoch-making Concerti (1587), devoted mainly to his uncle Andrea's music.

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